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Ankle Sprains: 101

Ankle Sprains: 101 How Ankle Sprains Happen It is a normal day. You are thinking about a hundred different thoughts at once, unfortunately one of those thoughts is not about where or how your [...]

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Exercise and Rehab Videos

These videos are meant to show how to perform the movements in your home exercise program. You should not perform these exercises unless instructed to do so by a doctor or therapist. Only perform the exercises that were prescribed to you as doing other exercises may be counterproductive.  If you have trouble remembering your home care instructions or understanding the movements in the video give us a call!  We are always happy to walk you through them again or schedule a time for you to come in for some coaching.
David Rief on a suspension trainer

Neck/Upper Back

Mid Back/Low Back/Hips


Patient Forms

If you are new to our clinic, have sustained a new injury or just need to request some records you can fin all the forms you need here. Just click on the button you need to download the form.

New Patient Paperwork

If you are new to our clinic, you will need to fill out our new patient paperwork packet.

MVC Addendum

If you were involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, please fill out this addendum in addition to your new patient paperwork packet.

If you would like a full copy of our privacy practices, you can download one here.

WC Addendum
Form 827

If you were involved in a Workplace Accident covered under Workers Compensation insurance, please fill out this addendum in addition to your New Patient Paperwork.  If you have not yet filed a claim, you will also need to fill out Form 827.

Records Request

If you need to request a copy of your records of have a copy of your records disclosed to a third party, please fill out this form.



We are in network with and/or accept many different insurance companies and plans.

  • Aetna
  • American Specialty Health
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Complimentary Health Plans
  • Health Net
  • Healthcare Management Administrators
  • Healthways
  • Kaiser
  • Lifewise
  • Moda
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Pacific Source
  • Providence
  • Regence
  • United Healthcare
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

Uninsured/Under Insured

Being uninsured or under insured can be aggravating.  We try to make the complex process of navigating and accessing healthcare as simple as possible.

While insurance laws prevent us from simply offering a direct discount to patients paying out of pocket, we do participate in a group discount card program called Preferred Chiropractic Doctor(PCD).  This program enables us to give group discounts to its members much in the same way that insurance does.  Our current contract with PCD offers a 25% discount on all services with a capped maximum of $75 for the initial exam and treatment and $55 for returning visits.

Billing and Fees

We use the Oregon Workers Compensation Division fee schedule as our fee schedule.  You can click the link to look up specific codes. Please bear in mind that actual cost per code is dependent on the reimbursement schedule of your insurance company and your specific plan.  Your insurance company is typically the best source of information regarding specific policies.

Oregon WCD Fee Schedule

Privacy Policies

We take the privacy and data security of our patients seriously and strive to comply with all HIPAA and HITECH guidelines. The button below links to our Notice of Privacy Practices.  This document outlines how we use and disclose patient information for business purposes. If you have further questions about our privacy practices you can also call and ask for our HIPAA privacy and security officer, Jonathan Owens.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The safety and health of our staff and patients is always our top priority.  We have always run a clean and sanitary practice but we have stepped it up a notch to make sure that we are doing all we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Screening of Staff and Patients

  • Staff members are screened at the beginning of each shift for fever and symptoms.  
  • Patients are screened before each appointment for fever and symptoms and asked to wash their hands. 
  • All staff and patients are required to wear masks in accordance with OHA guidelines.

Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Each room in use gets sanitized at the beginning of each day including restrooms, treatment rooms and waiting rooms.
  • After each patient, treatment rooms and tools are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant and providers wash their hands and forearms. 
  • All high touch surfaces(table tops, door handles and knobs, etc.) are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.   
  • All clean and used linens are stored in seperate covered containers. 
  • All tools are stored in covered containers and sanitized both before and after each use. 

Payment and Front Desk

  • We are utilizing contactless payment methods(no signatures required) and paperless receipts.  We encourage you to pay with credit cards, apple or google pay during this time to reduce contact.   

Events and Promotions


Massage Drawing

This has been a stressful year for everyone. So we are launching our Massage Drawing Starting on September 1st. We will be drawing for a free massage at the beginning of each month. Each ticket that doesn’t win will be entered to win a year of massage at 1 per month to be drawn on new years day! If you want to get in on the drawing there are a lot of ways to get tickets!

Here is how you can get a ticket!

    1. Stop in and ask for a ticket (One (1) ticket)
      • (Up to once a month you may stop by Milwaukie Spine and Sport, LLC and ask for a ticket. We will not mail tickets and you must be in possession of the stub to claim the prize. Remember to like us on Facebook to see the drawing results!)  

Want more tickets?

    1. Invite your Facebook friends to like our Facebook page (Five (5) Tickets) 
      • (If you show us that you have invited your friends list to like us on Facebook, we will give you five(5) tickets.
    2. Check in on Facebook while you are at the clinic(One(1) ticket)
      • (Show us that you checked in to Milwaukie Spine and Sport, LLC on Facebook on the day that you ask for a ticket)
    3. Complete a chiropractic or massage appointment (one (1) ticket)
      • (Anytime, you complete a massage or chiropractic appointment with us we are happy to give you an extra ticket, just ask for one!
Massage Drawing rules


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we do not currently have any events scheduled.

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