Defining Chiropractic

Defining what chiropractic treatment is can be difficult due to the variety of different styles and techniques out there. Let’s ask Google!

What is chiropractic?
According to Google’s dictionary:
(Chiropractic is) “a system of complementary medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are held to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs.”

Not bad answer but a bit antiquated and mysterious. So let’s clarify the chiropractic treatment approach at Milwaukie Spine and Sport.

Our Approach
We take a biomechanical approach to treatment. The body is supposed to move a certain way and if doesn’t we eventually start to feel pain. For our body to move properly, we are constantly working towards obtaining or maintaining a combination of joint mobility(the ability for a joint move through its full active range of motion) and joint stability(the ability to keep a joint in its neutral and safe position while under load).

Treatment and Techniques
Increasing, regaining or maintaining full mobility and range of motion can be obtained through many different methods. Here at Milwaukie Spine and Sport our primary treatment is joint manipulation (adjustments) and mobilization (slower joint stretches). What makes our treatment different is our specialization in myofascial release techniques such as dynamic myofascial cupping, pin/stretch, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM or scraping). We also use other forms of stretching such as muscle energy techniques, guided mobility training, Mckenzie Method, or neurodynamic techniques that reduce tension on the nervous system.

Home Activity Protocols
Stability of joints under load is obtained through effective therapeutic exercises and activities. These focus on building proper movement patterns, so we can move the way are built/supposed to and break poor compensatory movement patterns we have adopted due to pain. This could include muscle strengthening through resistance training to increase proprioception/balance, core stability, posterior chain strength, and shoulder dynamics.

Patient Care
At Milwaukie Spine and Sport we focus only on the most effective biomechanical orthopedic evaluation and treatment methods, allowing us to help victims of traumatic injuries, such as sports injuries or motor vehicle collision (car accident) injuries, as well as repetitive movement/stress injuries associated with both manual and desk work. Our treatment approach combines our providers manual skills with a personalized home activity protocol (HAP), where the patient is instructed personally, by our doctors, in the office and then continues the work at home to speed up recovery. This approach accelerates the healing process minimizing the need for prolonged care in many cases. Our end goal is to help our patients love the way they move!

Written by Jordan Wilde

Milwaukie Spine and Sport

Dr. Jordan Wilde
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