It is an old saying, but that does not make it any less true. You never forget to how to ride a bike and trust me, it is just as much fun as an adult as when you were a child. People always talk about this work play balance in life like it is some kind of mythical Unicorn or Sasquatch. The truth is that it is real and attainable. A great way to connect with the child in you and bring some fun into your life is to get on the bike where you will move, explore, adventure and likely have so much fun that you’ll forget you are exercising at the same time.

Three years ago I bought my bike and started to ride again for the first time in a decade. Honestly, it has been life changing. I commute to work, run errands, go to the gym, see friends, explore, exercise, train, adventure, and always smile on my bike. It helps bring joy and fun into my life, it can even make those boring errands or routine trips to work seem more like play. This past weekend I participated in the Providence Bridge Pedal, it was a great time spent riding around the city with friends. The best part was certainly seeing a member of our group, who could not remember the last time they rode a bike, smiling and laughing like a child as we put in about 30 miles in the saddle. They stepped out of their comfort zone, reconnected with their inner child, and was rewarded with a great experience. By the way, this person has since bought a bike and has continued to ride as they “caught the bug.”

Cycling is also such a great form of exercise. It is low impact, which is easy for the joints. This makes it ideal for people with arthritis. It is also a great way to cross train for other sports, as it will give you a good cardio, core, leg and hip workout that keeps the pounding off your joints. Now make sure to ride a bike that fits you, one size does not fit all. There are many adjustments that need to made usually to make a bike fit you but they are worth every bit of effort. Start slow, build your speed and distance slowly and sustainably. Make sure to wear proper safety equipment and be careful around any streets.

Common pains that can come with cycling are in the knee, hip, lower/upper back, and neck. The good news is that these pains are typically easy to keep away with a properly fitting bike and self-care afterward. Focus on mobility, flexibility, and use those foam rollers after your ride. If you have any pains that are creeping up from cycling or if you ever get in an accident while riding, come to Milwaukie Spine and Sport where we specialize in keeping you moving and feeling well. Let us help you love the way move so that you can stay out there playing, having fun, and connecting with that inner child!

Written by Jordan Wilde

Milwaukie Spine and Sport, LLC

Dr. Jordan Wilde
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