Exercise has become a common, routine activity for many people these days. The training can be so fun, challenging, and effective these days that I like to call it the Sport of Fitness. This means that the boring days of going to health clubs, lacking direction, motivation, and results are no longer seen as the way to get and stay in shape.

Smaller group classes have been replacing the old health club, solo workout model for a while now. This is great as it gets people working harder, having more fun, better direction, being more social and supported when they workout. This leads to it being sustainable and effective.

It is super sad when someone either gets into or already is in an exercise routine but has to stop due to aches, pains, or injuries. It is already hard enough to find the time, place, and put in the work, but add that to it and people get quickly stopped in their tracks. I have written a prior article that discusses some of the most common cause for aches, pains and injuries with exercise, so please make sure to read that one if you are active or want to become as it can help you avoid those unfortunate things. Another great way to prevent aches, pains, and injuries when exercising is to be evaluated and work with a licensed professional, who really knows what they are doing, in order to assess and improve the way you move. The human body is designed to move a certain way when it is not moving that way aches, pains and injuries are not far away. Here at Milwaukie Spine and Sport we can help you love the way you move. After all, when exercising, it is not about how many times you move or how heavy something is that you move, but it is about how pretty can you look while moving. In other words your form, technique, and the way you move is the most important thing to effective and safe physical activity.

I have been working out regularly at a fantastic local Milwaukie gym for years called the Warrior room. If you have been there you already know how great the workouts are, how wonderful the people are, and how much fun the energy in the gym is. The owner and trainer Ashley Jensen has brought a wonderful, affordable, family friendly small exercise class gym to the community for years now. The workouts vary so much from kettlebells, calisthenics, plyometrics, suspension (TRX) training, and more. They all fall into a category called high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which is the most effective form of training to burn calories and build fitness.

I am happy to help bring a weekly injury prevention class to the Warrior Room gym. This class will be 30 minutes of learning important concepts of how our bodies are supposed to move and then applying them in the gym. The class will usually have a flexible format that will allow for any specific questions, concerns, or issues to be addressed. This will be a good way to help keep your efforts safe, effective and sustainable.

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If you are looking to improve the way you move or feel while moving, come see us at Milwaukie Spine and Sport or take the injury prevention class at the Warrior Room. If you are looking for a great workout, gym, community, and experience, take a workout class at the Warrior room. I hope to see you guys on the matts!

Written by Jordan Wilde

Milwaukie Spine and Sport, LLC

Dr. Jordan Wilde
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