The movements of competitive strength sports are more widely applicable than many would believe. As the explosion of fitness has changed the way many people approach their daily lives. With some this is a drastic life makeover, by many looking for activities to promote longevity, through feats of strength that have filtered into normal daily life. This has been conveyed through social media, and the benefits are becoming more and more apparent as the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ bombard your individual streams and walls.

Lifts that will be discussed and shown practical world benefit over the next articles are as follows: Farmer carries, Atlas stones, Sled push/pull, Deadlift, Squat, Clean and Jerk, and the Snatch. To enjoy the first 5 subjects go back to:

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These last 2 lifts in the, Benefits of competitive strength sports and injury prevention blog series are the most technical and should be highly supervised in the infancy of whom ever is being introduced to them. While it is possible to learn the basics without a coach, a coach can take the burden of tracking progress and making appropriate changes in programming.  Along with allowing them to correct any technical flaws with an objective outside eye they can actually help with direction and advice they have gained through working with others in your shoes. Something a mobile phone cannot do no matter how many hours that you film.  


Yes, even after years of being in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting euphemisms surrounding the lift are still funny! Aside from gaining ballistic power from the rapidity of this lift; one gains excellent mobility in the overhead squat which is an evaluation method of athleticism.  Both arms are thrust upward to support the barbell and the body is then lowered into a squat position. An active body is the only one that will not be pressed into the ground during this lift. By actively pushing the floor away and pushing the bar away the body is both stretched and contracted in a way to support the weight. This allows the shoulder joint and hip joints to actively stretch and mobilize into this position.  However, this will take weeks to become comfortable and ‘open’ in these positions. Thus the importance of a coach to temper egos and over eager athletes. Increased mobility and athletic ability are areas that have infinite application in the daily life of any individual. Allowing for appropriate acclimation to the lift one can achieve some great body awareness with a heavy object positioned over the head, this allows for a great appreciation of strength training and its use outside of the training hall.

Clean and Jerk:

Just as the Snatch allows for increased athleticism the clean and jerk applies this trait while throwing a bit more weight around. The grit developed by the Clean and Jerk is something we all could use more of.

These movements each have specific techniques that aid in performing them for maximum benefit and one should consult with a coach who is familiar with them before dramatically increasing their weight lifted in each of these. One can get benefit from these movements as long as you appreciate your body awareness and gradually build tolerance to more weight or long time while under those weights.

Thank you for reading and wait for the next series to come soon.

David Rief
David RiefChiropractor