Line drawnig of a baby

Making growing pains…


More comfortable.


A child’s body is in a constant state of change from birth to adulthood. During this process the body is creating and enlarging bones, joints and muscles, attaching nerves and flooding the body with hormones. For most children these changes are uncomfortable to say the least, but happen normally.  Chiropractic may help to ease some of this discomfort by mobilizing joints and releasing muscular tension. More importantly, a chiropractor’s familiarity with the body’s structures can help screen and catch abnormalities and improper development early, making correction easier in many cases.


Pediatric Care

Structures in the body grow and shift throughout childhood, and catching changes early is extremely important. Allowing improper development to go unchecked can cause many problems later in life which can become significantly more difficult to correct and may even require surgery. A great example of this would be scoliosis. If not addressed, scoliosis may cause significant pain, visible posture issues, and nerve tension.Chiropractors extensive training allows them to isolate and correct issues within the body.  Their extensive training allows them to find and correct issues in the body and understand how structural development should occur. Pediatric chiropractic care and adolescent development are one of Dr. Baranick specialties, and her specific training in this area and past experience in the child care industry make her uniquely qualified to treat children.
Young Athlete

Young Athletes

Kids play hard, and sometimes they get hurt. Our expertise in injury rehabilitation can help your child get back in the game quickly and safely. Our injury rehab program focuses on the goals of the athlete and structures a plan to get them back to peak performance fast utilizing chiropractic care, therapy and home exercises to facilitate quicker recovery times. Our rehab room and therapy equipment allow us to more accurately assess and treat movement disorders and help optimize the body’s mechanics and function. It’s not just about getting better, it’s about playing better.

What you can expect:

  • We will always provide a thorough examination and do our best to address any issues your child has.
  • A custom treatment plan designed to help your child get back to 100%.
  • We will use a combination techniques and therapies with adjustment and home exercise to help reduce growing pains and promote healthy growth.
  • We will walk you and your child through every step of your treatment.
  • A friendly, courteous, and approachable environment.
  • Great customer service and excellent care with every visit

What we don’t do:

  • You will never be asked to sign a long term treatment plan (or any contract for treatment).
    • Everyone heals at different rates, and we don’t standardize our treatment plans for a reason….because people don’t come in standard models and neither do injuries.

  • You will not be told “your child needs to come back once a week for the rest of their life”.
    • Our goal is always to fix the core problem and then release you from care.  We want you to get better, not come in every week just to supress the symptoms.

  • We will never ask you to pay for wacky treatments that aren’t backed by results.
    • We are happy to explain how any of our treatments work and why they are effective.