Line art illustration of man reaching back to his spine

 Chiropractic is Movement.

 Movement is life.

There is a great deal of misconception about what chiropractors actually do.  Some people think it’s crack backs, some think it’s glorified massage therapy and others still think we do some kind of magic.  So first and foremost, no magic here.  What we practice in our clinic firmly rooted in science. What is the popping sound, what is the crack?  It’s called a cavitation.  When a joint is adjusted, it releases pressure and tension with a little pop.  The pop doesn’t mean anything, it’s just side effect of the adjustment.  In fact it is not uncommon for joints to adjust without hearing a cavitation.  Our doctors constantly pursue new information and education to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the body and how to treat it.  We bring together adjusting with muscle work, therapy techniques and home exercise programs to accelerate the healing process. Find out more about what chiropractors do by hovering over the boxes below.

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Your spine is a series of bones and joints so, yes we can adjust backs.  But there are a lot more joints in your body than just those found in your back.  Your ankles, knees, elbows, fingers and toes all have adjustable joints and there are many more than that.
Instrument Assisted Massage

Muscle Work

Your muscles support your joints.  If you only adjust the joint then you are only addressing half the problem.  We employ a lot of different means to work on muscles and massage is just one of them.  We also used instrument assisted therapy techniques to get deep into muscles and help to loosen them up.
Combo unit

Modalities & Tools

Sometimes it takes more than just a little muscle work and adjusting to get a problem taken care of. We use electronic muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound and cold laser therapy to help expedite the healing process.  Each has different and dramatic effect on the tissues of the body.
Kinesio Taping


Techniques are therapies given structure.  Many techniques are simply therapies that have been advances and given a priority order.  When done in the correct order then can provide more rapid results in the healing process.  Some of the techniques that our doctors have studied are: McKenzie, Webster, and Active Release.

Home Exercise Programs

Home exercise programs, or HEP’s help support the treatment the doctor does in the office.  These are important because they help the patient to work on the injury outside of the office and reduce the need for extended treatment.  When a joint has been injured, it is often times very useful to build up the muscles that support it.  Doing so can take part of the load off of the joint and help it to heal dramatically faster.
Exercise Bands

Functional Rehabilitation

We have a rehab room in our clinic that we use to take patients through beneficial exercises and to work on form.  Knowing how your body is supposed to move and correcting improper movement is just as important as adjusting and muscle work.  We can adjust you and do muscle work and you will probably feel better, but if the problem is caused by improper movement it will come back.  We don’t stop at making the pain go away, we find the problem and correct it too.

What you can expect:

  • We will always provide a thorough examination and do our best to address any issues you have.

  • We will establish a custom treatment plan designed to help you meet your goals and we will adjust it as you heal

  • We will use a combination techniques and therapies with adjustment and home exercise to help promote the quickest possible healing process.  

  • We will walk you through every step of your treatment so you understand what we are doing and why.

  • You can expect us to be friendly, courteous, and approachable.

  • You can expect us to provide you with great customer service  and excellent care every time you come to our clinic.


What we don’t do:

  • You will never be asked to sign a long term treatment plan (or any contract for treatment).

Everyone heals at different rates, some people only need one treatment, others may take 5 or 6.  We don’t standardize our treatment plans for a reason….because people don’t come in standard models and neither do injuries.

  • You will not be told “you need to come back once a week for the rest of your life”.

If a chiropractor is doing their job and you are doing the homework, in most cases you should get better.  Our goal is always to fix the core problem and then release you from care.  We want you to get better, not come in every week just to make the symptoms go away.  

  • We will never ask you to pay for wacky treatments that aren’t backed by results.

We are happy to explain how any of our treatments work and why they are effective. We stay firmly in the realm of reality.  You will find no Chiro-magic here!