Downtown Portland nighttime skylinePortland Metro is a big place…

So we made it a little easier to find us.

It’s not also easy navigating the Portland Metro area so we tried to make it a little easier by putting together some simple directions for travelers. You can use the map at the bottom or any of the links below to make your journey a little easier.

For more detailed instructions and to plan your trip, visit

Take the Bus to us

By Bus

  • Take the bus to the Milwaukie City Center Station
  • Walk south on 21st Street 4 blocks to the Main St. MAX  stop
  • We are directly across Main St from the stop
Take the Max line!

By Max

  • Take the Orange line max to the Main Street Milwaukie stop
  • We are just across Main Street from the stop in the brown building
Highway 99 directions

From HWY 99

  • Turn onto Washington Street in downtown Milwaukie
  • Make a right onto Main street
  • We are on the right at the stop sign
Highway 224 Directions

From HWY 224

  • Turn West onto Monroe St
  • Turn left on 21st
  • Follow 21st to 3 way stop(3 blocks)
  • Our building is in front of you

Find your way using the map at the bottom of the page. 

We have a parking lot behind our building for your convenience.  Our suite is on the top level and can be accessed by the stairwell under the canopy on the right side of the building.