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Milwaukie|Spine + Sport!

We are a chiropractic, rehabilitation and massage clinic serving the Portland, Clackamas, Gladstone and Milwaukie area since 2010. Our doctors specialize in sports, workplace, and motor vehicle injury rehab as well as pregnancy and pediatric care.

Our philosophy of care is simple, get you out of pain and on the way to recovery as fast as possible. We individualize each treatment plan for optimal effectiveness. Once you have achieved maximum benefit, we hope you’ll think of us as a vital part of keeping you active and moving throughout the rest of your life. By utilizing an extensive variety of techniques, modalities, treatments and home care exercises our doctors are able to enhance the healing process which saves you both time and money. Integrating our philosophy of care with other disciplines allows us to treat the core problem and manage the symptoms, making the road to recovery faster and more comfortable.


Inside Milwaukie Spine and Sport's OfficeWe do things a little different here…

Our clinic’s focus on rehabilitative, sports and family medicine makes us uniquely qualified to treat injuries that impede movement and function of the body in all age groups and fitness levels.  We understand that all bodies heal differently and customize our treatment plans to fit your specific needs and goals.

Our providers constantly seek to improve our treatment protocols through additional education and collaboration. One of our providers is even certified in McKenzie technique.  She is the only female chiropractor in the State of Oregon certified in this technique of mechanical diagnosis and rehabilitation.