Different by Design
We are are so much more than just a chiropractic clinic.  Serving the Portland Metro area including Clackamas, Gladstone and Milwaukie our doctors offer Sports, Workplace, and Motor Vehicle Injury rehab as well as Family, Pregnancy and Pediatric care. Our integrative approach to care utilizes providers of multiple disciplines to manage symptoms and address injuries.

Milwaukie Spine and Sport is different and so is the way we think about medicine. Our doctors don’t just adjust you and send you on your way.  We take the time to complete a thorough exam and address any concerns you have. That exam allows us to build a treatment plan based on your needs and goals to help you achieve your optimum recovery.  Patient care here is not standardized because people and injuries don’t come in standard forms. Our diversified approach that combines active care and home exercises with adjusting, therapeutic modalities, massage and progressive rehabilitation.  Care plans evolve with our patient’s needs and adjust to their abilities.

Because Nice Matters

Knowing our trade is important, but knowing our patients is equally important.  It’s our belief that doctors should be personable and approachable.  Interactions with them should be more than just “take this pill and lose some weight”.   We want to know you and we want you to know us.  The better we know you the more complete the care we can offer.  We know our discipline and we are good at what we do. That has never been enough.  You cannot effectively treat someone you don’t know. Besides, it way more fun to laugh through a visit with your doctor.

We know when you choose a doctor, it is so much more than just a  basic decision.  We hope you choose us, because we are so much more than just doctors.